About Us 

Bellator Firearms Training was started because there were no female instructors in the area. In 2012 I opened Bellator and was immediately taken back at how much a well-trained instructor was needed. We have grown since and added more instructors and partnered with local businesses in order to get the word out. 

Our Team

We love Teaching

Jackie Paris

Owner/ Chief Instructor

I am former Army, 3 time Gunsite Alumni In pistol, rifle and shotgun, NRA certified personal protection inside and personal protection outside of the home, Basic pistol, rifle and shotgun Instructor, precision rifle instructor, Nevada state certified CCW instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Taser instructor, Sig and Glock Armorer, foreign weapons expert, and this list goes on. I have trained with many big names in the industry and I will always continue my training. I strive to bring you the best training possible.

Dean Paris

Assistant Instructor

I am a retired Marine, prior infantry, and military police.  Served in three combat tours. NRA Law

Enforcement firearms instructor. I have trained over 400 Marine military police officers and Marine

civilian police officers in basic pistol, shotgun and rifle courses of fire. Also certified as a Taser instructor,

OC instructor, defensive tactics instructor and a brown belt in Marine Corps martial arts.