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Empowering Women Since 2013

About Us 

About Us

Bellator Firearms Training started because there were no female self-defense/firearms instructors in the area. So in 2012 Bellator Firearms Training was started. It was immediately apparent that a well-trained instructor was much needed. We have grown since then and have added more instructors and partnered with local businesses in order to get the word out. Our main focus is empowering women and teaching them how to properly and effectively protect themselves in a safe and controlled environment. We have launched our own clothing line and custom jewelry in our gun Boutique and training facility in Gardnerville. If you haven't stopped by, come in a say hi we would love to see you. 

Our Mission 

Bellator Firearms Training was formed to provide quality self-defense training in Firearms and hand to hand tactics to ensure safety, promote confidence, and provide strategic planning for Today’s ever-changing environment. We strive to empower women and all who think they can't protect themselves.


The Meaning of Bellator 

Bellator is Latin (Roman) for Warrior

 Warriors are the masters of armed combat and defense, taking the point in battles and going head-to-head with the most dangerous in a situation.

Our Team

We love Teaching

Teaching is what we do each and everyday

Jackie Paris 

Owner/ Master Instructor

I am a former Army Veteran, 

3-time Gunsite Alumni In pistol, rifle, shotgun, and Foreign weapons, 

The Well Armed Woman Certified Instructor,  

USCCA Training Counselor  

USCCA Concealed carry and home defense instructor  

NRA certified Personal protection inside and 

personal protection outside of the home, 

Basic Pistol, rifle, and shotgun Instructor, precision rifle instructor, 

Nevada and California state-certified CCW instructor, 

Chief Range Safety Officer, 

Taser instructor, 

Sig and Glock Armorer,

General firearms Armorer, 

foreign weapons expert, 

Trained with the Navy Seals in boarding, breaching, and ship clearing, 

ASIST certified,

 Non-lethal self-defense instructor, 

alternative weapons instructor, 

and this list goes on. I have trained with many big names in the industry and I will always continue my training. I strive to bring you the best training possible. I was the first female instructor in Douglas County and am the only one that is a veteran.

Dean Paris 

Lead Instructor

I am a retired Marine Purple Heart Recipient,

Prior infantry, and military police. 

 Served in three combat tours. 

NRA Law Enforcement firearms instructor in pistol, rifle, and shotgun. 

I have trained over 400 Marine military police officers and Marine civilian police officers in basic pistol, shotgun, and rifle courses of fire. 

Also, I am an RSO, 

certified Taser instructor, 

Nevada state-certified CCW instructor, 

EVOC instructor, 

High-risk personnel certified, 

Anti-terrorism basic officer training course, 

Anti-terrorism advanced officer training course, 

Executive police officer supervisor course, 

Active Threat supervisor response training, 

OC instructor, 

Asp & baton instructor, 

defensive tactics instructor 

and a brown belt in Marine Corps martial arts

USCCA Concealed carry and home defense instructor

Jay Bobbitt

Spokesperson, RSO

I have been shooting consistently for 3 years. 

I am a NRA certified Range Safety Officer 

Basic Pistol Instructor 

Simulator Instructor 

I am Looking forward to expanding my resume and becoming a competition shooter.  

Cooper Walker  

Chief Instructor, RSO

US Marine active duty, 



USCCA Certified Instructor  

Alyica Tanner  

Office Manager 

USCCA certified instructor

Pat Bridges 


USCCA certified instructor

Keith Smith 

Instructor, LEO liaison 

Retired LEO