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Consignment Firearms 

We offer consignment firearms for in-store purchases only. 

All consignment firearms have gone to our armorer for a complete safety check. 

We also offer new firearms for purchase.  


RPA Rangemaster .338 Lapua 

We have a beautiful RPA Rangemaster with a moving history behind it. 


Type: Sniper rifle

Caliber: .338 Lapua

Magazine: 5 rounds

Operation: Bolt action, 4 lugs

Fire selector: 0-1

Rate of Fire: Bolt action

Barrel length: 711 mm

Rifling: 254 mm right-hand twist

Stock: Foldable

Length: 1.310 mm / 1.050 mm

Weight: 8.6 kg incl bipod and scope

Sights: No iron sights, Picatinny rail for mounting optics

Remarks: Bipod


The Rangemaster is a series of sniper rifles of UK origin. They have been developed in the late 1990s by RPA International for military and law enforcement use. The Rangemaster is the first tactical rifle developed by RPA, which is better known for its high-quality hunting rifles. The Rangemaster is a bolt action sniper rifle. It uses a 4 lug bolt design, called Quadlock, which is unique to RPA rifles. Free-floating heavy barrels are used which are longer than usual. The long barrels result in good accuracy and range, but also increase weight and make the weapon longer than competing models. The receiver is made of metal and a bipod is fitted as standard. The foldable adjustable stock has a monopod and is made of plastic on the smaller calibers and of metal on the 12.7mm model. All models feature a threaded barrel and are usually fitted with a large multi-slotted muzzle brake. It is possible to mount a sound suppressor on all models.

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