NV Concealed course  $100

This is a state-mandated 8-hour course in order to obtain a NV Concealed Handgun Permit.

NV Conc​ealed Rene​wal $50

This course is to renew your NV Concealed Handgun Permit. This is a 4-hour course.

Basic Course $150

Basic training in Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun. This is a 4-hour course that covers safe handling, sight alignment,  natural point of aim and time on the range. 

Intermediate Course $400

Intermediate training in Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun. This course is a prerequisite to the advanced course. This is a 6-hour course that covers positions, long-range shooting and much more. 

Advanced Course $600

Advanced training in Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun. This course does incorporate a long gun and a pistol. This course covers everything you learned in the basic and the intermediate course.  This course is meant to stress you out and push you to the limit. 

Continued Training $50hr 

This is for your continued training or when you just can't figure out why you are not on target or want more specified training. 

Alternative Weapons  $25

This course is ideal for people that do not like handguns but still want to learn to defend themselves. This is also a fantastic course for groups and young adults.

Self Defense $25 

Self Defense training is key to self-preservation. This is a 2-hour course 4 student minimum. This is a great course for friends and team building. 

HR-218 $50

We are able to qualify anyone that has a HR-218. Call us to arrange your qualification.

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Private Group Events

We are available to come out to you and your group event. Call us to arrange a course.