MILO Range Simulator 

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About our simulator

July 18, 2019

Come check out our state of the art Milo range simulator, with over 800 different simulations to choose from. We offer SIRT non-recoil pistols to full recoil pistols and AR-15 platforms to shoot.  The MILO SMART series is a higher tier single-screen system. The simulator has more than twice the capability and power. The MILO Simulator also introduces new capabilities; low-light and Trainee Action Capture. With this series you can run any video scenario in total daylight, total darkness or anywhere in between and use a flashlight to illuminate the screen. With the Trainee Action Capture camera, you can record the student’s actions during the scenario and play them back as part of the debrief process. Like all of our systems, the ST8 series has a library of more than 800 scenarios!

Shooting Zombies